SJW, Reporting for Warrior Duties

  • believing Trump is unfit to be president
  • correcting inaccuracies about people’s anti-immigration arguments
  • talking about privilege, and issues people of color and low-income face in our society
  • pointing out actual studies about POC-related issues, such as the studies that show that people with non-white sounding names get fewer calls from potential employers, even with identical resumes
  • talking about the need for better police training, changes in what happens when an officer tries to report a fellow officer, changes in how low-income areas are policed, and the fact that it is simply outrageous that people like Tamir Rice and John Crawford can be shot on sight, with no warning, for just existing, but many white criminals get a lot of negotiating time
  • reminding people that feminism is about equality, and that while we have made a lot of progress in this area, women are at a disadvantage in some ways in our society
  • believing that many (not all, but many) aspects of income inequality can be solved through policy, that generational and concentrated poverty are both very real things with very negative impacts on people, and that there are currently many tiny things built into our society that present challenges to low-income people that contribute to them not being able to save money (e.g. high bank fees for accounts without a lot of money in them)



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Lover of dogs, food, coffee, bourbon, and exploring new places.